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SOLACE Starts Innovating OnAWS Today

SOLACE is one of the leaders in event-driven architecture. Recently, the company announced that Boomi, the leader in intelligent connectivity and automation, has chosen the Solace PubSub+ Platform to enable real-time event streaming. Solace event-driven architecture platform is ideal for applications that need to stream event data across a distributed network. Solace's low-code/no-code integration with AWS.

The Solace AWS Integration utilizes the REST delivery point built into the PubSub+ event broker and Amazon API Gateway to send messages between Solace and AWS services. Because Solace uses open APIs, the integration is flexible and extensible. Solace also provides the necessary CloudFormation templates and scripts to make the integration successful.

Solace's event-streaming and event-management capabilities can be integrated

with AWS. This allows companies to create an event mesh, allowing their

information assets to be consumed by AWS services and shared with other

services. The event mesh is highly secure, scalable, manageable, and reusable.

Additionally, it provides the flexibility to integrate with multiple cloud services with minimal configuration.

Amazon Web Services recently announced several low-code/no-code tools to help developers build business applications. Among them are the SageMaker Canvas and Amplify Studio. These tools are meant to make the creation of cloud-connected applications easier for even non-programmers. Solace's PubSub+ Platform Solace has been helping large enterprises become real-time and modern by providing event management solutions. Its technology provides comprehensive capabilities for creating, documenting, discovering, and streaming events. It's supported by leading data movement experts with more than 20 years of experience solving the most difficult data movement challenges.

The Solace technology is designed for enterprise and public cloud computing

environments. It provides event management through its PubSub+ Event Portal and integrates with many other technologies. Developers and architects can use the technology to create and manage application events. In addition, PubSub+ is

secure and reliable.

Solace's PubSub+ Platform can be deployed as an appliance or as software in the

AWS cloud. AWS offers global reach, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Solace

PubSub+ can move event traffic in and out of the cloud, push relevant events to

services on the AWS platform, and store data for further analysis. Additionally, it

easy to extend to other event brokers.

Boomi Atmosphere Platform In a new partnership, SOLACE and Boomi are providing an innovative AtomSphere platform. The platform is an integrated set of data management and automation solutions. They will allow organizations to access data in real time, breaking down information silos. This solution will allow organizations to automate their workflows and secure real-time access across applications and business partners. With a simple to use interface, the Boomi AtomSphere Platform has been awarded Bronze Stevie Awards for its low-friction interface and technology.

Boomi AtomSphere Platform enables developers to connect traditional applications to information sources through PubSub+ event streaming. Its integration capabilities enable developers to build new customer-facing services and use cases. With this solution, retail companies can stream receipts from their stores to other systems and services. They can use the Boomi AtomSphere Platform to speed time to market and provide real-time reporting.

Boomi AtomSphere platform offers a flexible cloud-native architecture and pre built connectors to connect to data sources. It also features PubSub+ Event Broker, which supports a variety of message exchange patterns and APIs. PubSub+ event brokers support a uniform event distribution layer between different components of an application.

Les Mousquetaires

Les Mousquetaires de SOLANCE has joined the AWS ISV Accelerate Program,

which is a co-sell program for software vendors that integrate with AWS. Solace

participation will help the company meet the needs of AWS customers and betterserve its partners.

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