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Halal Chinese Food in Singapore

Halal Chinese food has evolved over the years. The Ming Dynasty was the first to cook beef and lamb in a halal way. The Ming added spices like cumin and pepper to the meat. The Ming era was also the first to incorporate wheat foods into their menu.

Penang Culture

If you're in the mood for halal Chinese food, you've come to the right place. Penang Culture offers a wide selection of halal Chinese dishes. The restaurant accepts online orders and delivers to neighborhoods such as Pasir Ris, JEM, and Jurong. Food delivery fees range from $5 to $10.

Penang Culture is a halal-certified Penang restaurant. It currently has three outlets in Singapore, at Changi Terminal 2 and JEM, and in Century Square Shopping Mall. Its recently updated menu offers interesting spins on familiar Penang dishes. Some highlights on the menu include the Premium Crab Meat & Salted Egg Fried Kway Teow, Penang Lobster, Scallop Noodles, and BBQ Salmon with spice paste made from scratch.

The Sin Bee Chew restaurant stands out from other Penang Chinese halal restaurants by offering authentic recipes and homestyle cooking. The decor is sparse and simple. The menu features Hainanese chicken chop, Nyonya fried chicken, and Hokkien Char, along with other local favorites.

GLC Hao Yun Lai Restaurant

If you're looking for authentic Chinese food, GLC Hao Yun Lai Restaurant serves Halal Chinese food in a convenient location near Tai Seng MRT. This restaurant is well known for its affordable prices. A single serving of Salted Egg Chicken Rice, for example, costs just $5.80 and comes with white rice and a sunny-side-up egg. The dish is spiced with chili padi and curry leaves. Unfortunately, this establishment does not offer delivery but instead serves takeaway.

If you're looking for a delicious halal Chinese meal, you'll find that here's one of the best in town. The restaurant has more than 25 outlets and is a reliable all-day grub option. The menu includes classic Kopitiam dishes, as well as more exotic choices.

Yassin Kampung

This halal Chinese food restaurant in Singapore serves Malay and Chinese dishes. The chef, Muhammad Yassin Ng, is a Chinese Muslim with over 30 years of experience. He offers a unique culinary style that is both savory and healthy. He is proud to have incorporated traditional Malay and Chinese cooking into his dishes, resulting in a unique blend of flavors.

Yassin Kampung is a halal family restaurant with four branches in Singapore. The menu features local zi char dishes, dim sum dishes, and seafood family favorites. The restaurant is also a popular choice for family-set meals.

Jin Shang Yi Pin Hotpot & BBQ

If you're looking for a place to eat that caters to the needs of halal diners, Jin Shang Yi Pin Hotpot & Barbecue is a great option. Not only do they serve halal meals, but they also have vegetarian and vegan options. They also serve a wide variety of soup bases, and you can choose between spicy and non-spicy hotpots.

You can choose from over 10 different hotpot sauces for your meal. The restaurant also provides free-flow drinks, rice, and desserts. To drink, you can choose from orange soda, oolong tea, plain water, and banana cakes.

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