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Engaging a Distributed Workforce

When working with a distributed workforce, the biggest challenge is communicating and keeping everyone connected. The best way to do this is to prioritize communication. Use tools such as video conferencing, Google Hangouts, and WebEx to keep in touch and share information. Managing urgent communications with team members who are located in different locations is a key part of the engagement. Other communication tools, such as social media, can be useful for interacting with team members.

IC experts share their #1 tip to engage a distributed workforce

When it comes to internal communications, there are a few key things to consider when working with a distributed workforce. First of all, the communication needs to be clear, straightforward and engaging. Employees need to know what the company stands for, and what it does to help them.

Many IC experts recommend using a flexible communications strategy. This is because this approach helps employees connect with each other and stay informed. Secondly, it helps the business to understand its workforce's needs. IC experts say that a distributed workforce requires different communication tools than a traditional one.

Third, it's important to create a culture of open communication. Employees need to feel that they're part of a team and that their opinions are valuable. The best way to accomplish this is to encourage honest communication and frequent feedback. This will show your remote workforce that you care about their opinions and can address any concerns. When providing feedback, make sure that it's honest, constructive, and merited.

Managing urgent communications with team members working in a different place

Managing urgent communications with team members in a different places requires some special considerations. First, make sure you know their time zone. In some communication platforms, you can even schedule emails in advance. This can be especially helpful if you're working late and want to communicate with your global teammates.

Offsite/virtual social events

Keeping in touch with colleagues can be a challenge when working remotely, and virtual events are a great way to keep team members engaged. Whether it's through video chats or virtual reality experiences, virtual events can enhance teamwork and relationships in a way that's more fun than a traditional office setting. In addition, these events can be customized to fit the needs of each group.

In addition to fostering positive teamwork relationships, virtual employee engagement activities can be used to foster team bonding and improve communication skills. Some of these activities are more suited for introverted teams, while others are better suited for more outgoing teams. Regardless of the type of virtual social event you choose, make sure the experience is fun and stress-free.

One virtual event you can host for your remote employees is the Outback Time Machine, which turns home offices into a virtual game show. Employees can compete with one another by taking part in a trivia competition. This will help them bond with each other and boost morale.

Virtual events can also be used to facilitate free-flowing meetings. However, the best way to make a virtual event fun is to involve team members in an activity they enjoy. Keeping the activities fun will encourage employees to participate in more virtual events. If possible, use prizes as incentives to encourage more participation.

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