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DNS Isn't Resolving Xbox Server Names

Whether you are having trouble resolving your xbox server names or you have an error message when you try to connect to the server, there are steps you can take to get your server back online.


Getting DNS isn't resolving Xbox server names is a common problem that many Xbox users encounter. Whether you're using a wireless or wired connection, this error can prevent you from using your Xbox. The good news is that it's easy to fix.

First, you should know what DNS is. DNS stands for Domain Naming System, which translates domain names into IP addresses. This is important for your Xbox, as it tells it where to connect to the Internet.

The best way to get your console connected to the Internet is to make sure that you have a wired connection. If you're using a wireless connection, your Internet connection might be slow or even dead. To fix this, you'll need to restart your router and console. This will help eliminate congestion.

Next, you'll want to check your router's settings. There's a reset button that's usually found at the back of the router. To reset your router, press and hold the button for at least eight seconds.

Reset your router

Whether you have an Xbox one or Xbox 360, you might experience a DNS error when you try to connect to the internet. This error is caused by a misconfigured router, and can be resolved by resetting your router to the factory settings. This article will guide you through the steps to reset your router, allowing you to connect to the internet once more.

To reset your router, you must first unplug it from the power supply. This ensures that the capacitors are not charging and that they will be drained when you connect it back to the power supply. You should then press the reset button on the router to reset it.

Once you have reset your router, you can try connecting your Xbox to the internet again. It is important to note that you must change the default DNS address of your Xbox to Google. You can do this online, or manually reset the DNS on your Xbox.

Create a vpn

Using a VPN to create a vpn tunnel to the internet is a great way to bypass region restrictions and improve connection speed. However, in most cases the advertised speed benefits will be minimal.

In order to create a vpn tunnel, you'll need to create a new Xbox account. In the process you'll also need to install ExpressVPN on your PC. This will let you access any streaming service you want.

A VPN will also protect you from ISP throttling, DoS attacks, and censorship. This will also let you watch international Netflix libraries. However, there are a few pitfalls to consider before you jump in.

The best way to do it is to connect your Xbox to a computer with a VPN installed. This way, you can encrypt all of your traffic, making it impossible for your ISP to throttle your connection.

In addition to the VPN, you can also use a smart DNS service to change your Xbox's DNS address. This will let you access sites like Twitter and Netflix from anywhere in the world.

Configure your xbox server

Using the Domain Naming System (DNS) is an uncentralized naming system that translates domain names into IP addresses. DNS is used by Xbox machines to determine the physical location of gaming servers. It is important to make sure the Xbox is set up correctly to prevent DNS not resolving server names errors.

DNS errors can affect Xbox consoles and Xbox 360s. When this occurs, the console will not be able to resolve server names. There are a few basic troubleshooting procedures that can be used to resolve the issue.

If DNS is not resolving Xbox server names, you may need to restart your console. If you're using an Xbox wired connection, you will want to connect it directly to your modem. If you are using Xbox wireless, you will want to place your router close to the Xbox console to capture signals.

To restart your Xbox, you will want to turn the console on. You will also want to connect it to your internet connection. Once you've connected the console, you should select Settings and navigate to Advanced Settings. Then, you will want to change the primary DNS address to and the secondary DNS address to 8.4.4.

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