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Are CISOs and CIOs Ready to Embed SD-WAN Security?

As organisations transition from legacy WAN technology to a cheaper alternative, CISOs must make the leap to SD-WAN security. However, this new technology entails a large increase in attack surface and data vulnerability.

CISOs who ignore this new security technology risk being left behind and missing out on essential benefits.


According to a recent survey by Masergy, CISOs and CIOs are ready to embrace SD-WAN security. Almost 80% of technology purchases are made through distribution channels, and the company's channel partners are experiencing growth due to increased demand for their services. To support this growth, Masergy has recently launched a new partner program that includes increased training resources and financial incentives. To further support channel partners, Masergy has updated its SD-WAN solution with SASE (Security As a Service) capabilities.

Masergy has a fully managed SD-WAN solution that provides complete security management, including 24/7 monitoring of networks. It also boasts three NOCs on three continents with highly trained engineers to ensure the highest level of security. With this solution, CISOs and CIOs can benefit from an affordable, flexible broadband backbone without the risk of being locked into a long-term contract.

Masergy's SD-WAN solution is based on the Secure Access Service Edge model, and it includes next-generation cloud firewalls and 24/7 SOC services. It also provides complete network security management capabilities with alert metrics in one unified portal.

Forrester Consulting has studied Masergy's Managed SD-WAN and found that it had a 36 percent ROI. The research also highlights the common pitfalls when implementing a managed SD-WAN solution.


As IT trends continue to shift, CISOs must be aware of the implications of SD-WAN security. Unlike traditional WAN, SD-WAN provides integrated, full-stack protection from multiple threats across the internet, data center, and cloud. This enables organisations to reduce risk and accelerate the migration to SASE-enabled architecture.

SD-WAN offers numerous benefits, including the ability to take advantage of cloud services without incurring the costs and complexity of maintaining local internet connections. However, it also introduces significant security and compliance challenges. Perimeter security controls must be implemented in each location that has access to the internet. As a result, an organization may be required to manage hundreds of security controls.

A security-focused strategy is essential to ensure the security of SaaS applications. For example, a CISO may require that all sensitive data is encrypted before it leaves the company's network. In addition, SD-WAN security needs to be integrated into network operations.

CISOs and CIOs must take a different mindset and embrace this new approach. They must start thinking about security by design from day one. This means breaking down the traditional divide between network and security teams. By integrating the two, CISOs can become an enabler of operational success and become strategic players within the company.

The security model of SD-WAN can provide a secure infrastructure that is adaptable to changing network needs. Cisco SD-WAN uses real-time threat intelligence from Cisco Talos, the industry's leading threat intelligence group. It also enables enterprises to apply security capabilities to the entire network, from core to edge to cloud. No other SD-WAN offers this kind of comprehensive, secure infrastructure.

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